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Job Description Executive Assistant

What Poornima was doing:

– Posting to FaceBook, Craigslist, Idealist,
– Managing schedule and planner
– Making sure I get things done on time. Reminding me when things need to get done.
– Responding to Emails.
– Responding to Calls.
– Proofreading websites & making suggestions (when assigned)
– Making Calls.
– Send out Prayer List.
– Remind me to post student assignments.
– Get to know the SD Movement and all the parts and can answer questions.
– Do other blog commenting

I need someone with the following skills.
1) Mature Christian / Someone who is Spiritual: The executive is a Christian author. Needs someone mature enough who can help in proof reading Christian articles and giving good suggestions and advise. This person may also help in gathering teaching material for orphan kids that the executive teaches. A person with a genuine passion for Christ, who is passionate about God’s word, who studies it every day will be greatly preferred. Someone with some formal Bible training will also be preferred (but this is not required).
2) Excellent Writing Skills: Can proof-read books well when I write them. This person may also be tasked with writing Christian articles.
3) Excellent Communication Skills: Can answer calls well, write emails & letters well.
4) Excellent Planning/Organizational Skills: Will be responsible for managing office schedule and making sure executive gets things done on time.

Assessing the Candidate.

– Look for someone whose gift is writing and communication. Use SHAPE