How to Win People to Christ


The word “evangelism” means taking the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ to other people. Jesus evangelizes today through us, because we are His body (1 Cor. 12:27). How do we learn to evangelize? Mainly by doing it. This is a “field experience” course. Each student finds an opportunity to be part of an evangelistic program for at least 11/ 2 hours per week, usually at his or her own church, and then turns in weekly report forms. A book report completes the course. (2 units per quarter)


There’s nothing more exciting than winning someone to Christ. Jesus said, There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10), and believers everywhere rejoice, too, when a new believer is born into the kingdom. But what are some good ways to bring people to Christ? This course will prepare you to share your faith effectively and, even better, bring souls to salvation in Christ. (2 units)


Throughout the world today there is a “sameness” in every major urban center, no matter what country it’s in. And there’s an urban mindset that’s different from that of people in smaller communities and the countryside. The people of the world are rapidly moving to megalopolises that now comprise the majority of the world’s population. These people require an evangelistic approach different from those in small towns and rural areas. This course will teach you how to reach the residents of the large cities of the world today. (2 units)


“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” says the world. As a result they have a hard time comprehending salvation as a free gift (Rom. 6:23), or that someone would be genuinely concerned for them without wanting something in return. Yet in the Roman Empire the early Christians gradually won over the forces of evil by serving others selflessly. Servant Evangelism is a plan to serve people in this way with the result that some of them will eventually see God’s love and be won to Christ. (2 units)


What is the most effective method of evangelism? The answer really is quite simple. When a person comes to see himself as a sinner, and comes to the knowledge that God is the one who can save him, that person is converted to Christ, accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour and is born again. There is a genuine, passionate energy that every believer experiences when he or she falls in love with Jesus Christ. Each believer, from the moment of rebirth, becomes a unique method of evangelism. In this course you will see that evangelism is not a particular program or technique, but is the person who, without even being able to articulate what he does, accomplishes great triumphs, unexplainable to others, but entirely natural to him. This course is designed to correct modern misconceptions of evangelism and to teach you how to discover the unique method of evangelism that God has created for you. (2 units)


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