Man died with Gold at home

A man who died in his Nevada home left behind millions in cash and gold coins, hidden in his house.
Walter Samaszco passed away in his home, but he wasn’t found for about a month. It was a neighbor who would ultimately call authorities.

Weeks later, a real estate agent looking through items left behind in the home found boxes and boxes of gold coins. So many boxes, it took a wheelbarrow and several trips to get them all out of the house.

By weight, the coins are estimated to be worth 7 million dollars. But some of the coins could be rare collector’s items which would make this treasure worth much more.

HLN affiliate KRNV reports, “cases of ammo, guns and conspiracy theory books” were also found in the house.

Samaszko died without a will… but authorities were able to track down a cousin in California. She is expected to inherit the loot.


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