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Why do democratic governments like the government of the United States that stands for freedoms around the world have a military that requires such strict rules and obedience to orders from superiors?
Why do they make you swear about it?
The declaration of independence says, “all men are created equal”. Does instituting an institutional command and obey system like the military have violate the equality of all men?
Does being in a position of authority in a military with subordinates mean that you are not equal with the subordinates simply because your office gives you the authority to command their obedience?
What would happen to the military if subordinates where allowed choose whether to obey the orders of superiors or not?

Why does military have to be so strict?

Perhaps it is because of the seriousness of the work that they do. Lives depend on obedience in the military. One disobedient soldier can put the lives of thousands of soldiers in jeopardy.


The military judges those who are disobedient during their lifetimes and in a physically apparent manner.

Does God have a system where he sets up leaders that he expects others to follow?
How does God rule the world?
Does God have delegated authority?
Does God allow every Christian to choose whether to obey this delegated authority or not?
Does he discipline Christians who don’t obey delegated authority?

Spiritual warfare and physical warfare of human military rule, which is more important?


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