Add Facebook Likebox to Site

Add a Facebook Like Box into WordPress.

  1. >> Create App & get the App ID. You need the App ID for some applications. ** The website that you enter here is the WordPress website e.g.
  2. >> Build For Websites >> Social Plugins >> Social Plugins (link at the top) >> scroll down the page and choose “Like Box].
    The url to get to this page is
  3. Enter the parameters. Note the website you enter here is the Facebook fan page e.g.
    Click Get Code.
  4. Copy the first code, go to header.php and find the body tag. Use ctrl +F to find the body tag. It comes after the closing header tag. </head>
    Just look for the word body. It will have opening and closing tags.

After the closing tag, place cursor and hit enter twice and paste the first code there.
Note that you need to copy and save the code before editing / pasting in it.

5. Add the second code in a Text widget or any where else on the side that you want it to appear.


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