Link to a place on a different page

Linking to a place on a different page is very easy.

On that page you will have created the unique name tag and ref tag.

<a name=”UNIQUE-NAME“>TITLE</a>

And you add the link like this:

<a href=”#UNIQUE-NAME“>TITLE</a>

To link to that page from another page, add  #UNIQUE-NAME after the URL of the page.


That will link to the place on the Bible-study page on orphans360 site.


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Volunteer in Africa

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Link to a place on the same page.

How to link to a particular point on the same page.

Watch the following videos

The code you will use.

Linking Within A Page

Creating Basic Links Within A Page On Your Blog

The Point we link to (NB: you link TO).

We will start with the point we want the link to lead to.On the test blog this was a paragraph with a title and i added the following html to each title.

<a name=”paragraph1″>Paragraph 1</a>

<a name=”paragraph2″>Paragraph 2</a>

<a name=”paragraph3″>Paragraph 3</a>

<a name=”paragraph4″>Paragraph 4</a>

<a name=”end”></a>

You will have noticed when you clicked the link to ‘End’ there was no title as with the paragraphs.You don’t need to have text in the section you are linking to.

The links (put this where you link FROM)

The actual links users click to jump to these sections are regular hyperlinks like this with the name of the section :

<a href=”#paragraph1″>Paragraph 1</a>
<a href=”#paragraph2″>Paragraph 2</a>
<a href=”#paragraph3″>Paragraph 3</a>
<a href=”#paragraph4″>Paragraph 4</a>
<a href=”#end”>End</a>

So when you are creating your links you add the tag to the point linking to, like this :

<a name=”UNIQUE-NAME“>TITLE</a>

And you add the link like this:

<a href=”#UNIQUE-NAME“>TITLE</a>

In a FAQ type page it might look like this :

<a href=”#answer1″>Q – How Much Does It Cost ?</a>

<a name=”answer1″>A – It’s Free !</a>

I think that’s fairly basic and with very little effort you are linking within the page.